Hickory Creek Residence

With a slight gesture to traditional design on the exterior, the modern, open, light-filled interior was preferred by the clients for the design of their new house. The clients expressed the desire to have the kitchen as the metaphorical heart of the house so that they could work there but feel connected to the rest of the house — a place where they could sit, relax and share events of their day over food. The location of the kitchen became the pivot point situated between the living areas and the children’s playroom. From the kitchen area, there is visual access to the front door, through all the main rooms and outside to the pool.

With this open plan, the ceilings were lowered in the gathering areas to make these spaces more intimate and to help define the cooking and dining spaces. Partition walls were implemented to create a subtle transition from formal to informal areas. Because the clients loved to cook and entertain in their previous loft space in Chicago, they wanted a kitchen system that would look elegant within their home’s open floor plan and be both efficient and durable. Therefore, the German manufacturer, Bulthaup, known for ergonomic, visually refined designs, was brought on board as part of the project team.

Little Rock, Arkansas | 2007

Featured in:

Metropolitan Home, “Core Values” by Diane Carroll, May 2008

The best thing about working with Jeff and Jennifer was their laid-back personality and their eagerness to listen and actually understand what we wanted. They were able to address a lot of our unique needs and incorporate them into the design so that there was that flow when you moved and interacted with the house. So we were absolutely thrilled at the look and feel of the finished project.

I have continued to bounce ideas off both of them, even after eight years, and have a great friendship and value their professional advice. 

– Ladley Abraham, owner