Herron Horton Office | Studio | Residence

In 2008, Jennifer Herron and Jeff Horton built their office-studio-esidence in the SoMa (South Main Street) neighborhood of downtown Little Rock. After moving to Little Rock from Oakland and San Francisco, California, they wanted to experience what it would be like to live and work in the same building they designed with sustainable materials and efficient use of energy without breaking the bank.

They literally walk across the hall to work, pay, on average, $180 a month for utilities for 4,000 square feet, and continue to push good design for urban infill. This office-studio-residence surprises people because of its street presence, materials and design. It is an educational tool and is a topic for discussion of sustainable services and materials, such as the metal material on the exterior, types of insulation, geothermal heating and cooling (which received a 30% tax credit), natural day-lighting and ventilation, and simple, affordable living.

Little Rock, Arkansas | 2009

Featured in:

At Home in Arkansas, “All Together Now” by Tiffany Burgess, November 2010


Kitchen, dining and living area

Living area

Living room/entry area






Systems analysis