Baseline Elementary School

Giving children a sense of ownership in their elementary school was the basic premise behind the remodel of Baseline Elementary School (Little Rock School District). The school had a chaotic entryway with an open office space and open classrooms. We reworked the entryway to reflect a more colorful and inviting atmosphere. An abstract “Knowledge Tree” was constructed at the media center entrance, while bright, oversized cutouts of actual students were created as supports for doorways/entrances throughout the school.

A major component of the project was to convert open classrooms into pods to provide students a more concentrated learning environment. Hallways were enhanced with a palate of colors and materials designed to showcase the art and school work by the students.

Little Rock, Arkansas | 2004

Featured in:

At Home in Arkansas, “The ABC’s of Design” by Allison Cook, August 2005


Lobby area - after