How do we address the car, parking garages and density?

While traveling last year to cities in Ohio, Texas, California and Florida, we photographed parking garages and noticed the desire to build these structures with an aesthetic that hid the car and presented opportunities for density and alternative uses besides a car park.

Goodale Parking Garage

In Columbus, Ohio, the Goodale Street Parking Facility is about two blocks from High Street and across from the convention center. It was built at no cost to taxpayers and the income generated by the garage will pay the costs associated with the construction. This parking garage cost $18 million and it provides 8 floors of parking with 800 spaces.  ($22,500 for each parking space) This is public parking which replaced a surface lot that previously accommodate 192 cars.

Each floor of the garage near the elevators features an “Art Park” creation – an art piece from local artists or Columbus art students which help customers remember which floor they left their cars.

IMG_9490  IMG_9492 IMG_9494 IMG_9495 IMG_9496