Traveling was good for the soul

We recently traveled to Los Angeles where we toured several houses designed by architects in the early 1920’s as well as visited the beaches in the area, particularly Venice Beach and Santa Monica.  Below are photos of Venice Beach and Muscle Beach.

Venice was founded by tobacco millionaire, Abbot Kenney in 1905 as a beach resort town and has been labeled, “a cultural hub known for its eccentricities”.  Our kind of place. It includes Muscle Beach, handball courts, the paddle tennis courts, skate dancing plaza, beach volleyball courts, bike trails and the basketball courts are renowned for their high level of streetball. Numerous professional basketball players developed their games or have been recruited on these courts.  There’s art, music and architecture as well.  Venice was also where The Doors formed in 1965 as well as the birthplace of the band Jane’s Addition.

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