Curitiba – environmental capital of Brazil

We believe in professional development….and world cup soccer, great food, awesome sights, innovative solutions to homelessness, poverty and pollution, The Museu Oscar Niemeyer (Brazil’s newest contemporary art museum)…so Jeff is traveling to Curitiba, Brazil, as a conference speaker on factors that contribute to good spa design for healing purposes, presenting a case study of a spa we designed, working with an architect and issues on sustainability.

Curitiba has a population of 1.5 million and has the highest density of urban green space in the world. This is not only because of its array of parks but also because since the 1980’s it has had progressive city governments that have been innovative in their urban planning.  The emphasis on protecting the environment has produced an efficient public transportation system and comprehensive recycling program that are being used as models for cities around the globe.

We’ve been told that if the Brazil soccer team is playing during his trip, the city will shut down.  It’s been tough getting a visa, due to the soccer games and closing of offices when Brazil plays but he has it now and will soon be off to Curitiba.